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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 16, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> and we're not getting any help during the show, right? >> brian kilmeade, thanks. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, march 16th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen today and we begin with a fox news alert because another u.s. soldier has been killed by a rogue ally, a member of the afghan military and now president karzai says foreign soldiers need to get out, stay right here for the latest breaking news out of afghanistan. >> heartland taking another huge hit from mother nature last night, funnel clouds ripped through michigan destroying dozens of houses. this morning as the sun comes up, the search through the rubble begins in earnest. >> and while you were sleeping, gas prices went up again to $3.83 now. but president obama says you asked for drill, baby, drill and you got it! >> so do not tell me that we're not drilling.
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we're drilling all over this country. >> but is he really? who's doing the drilling? private or federal? we're going to discuss it because "fox & friends" starts just about now. >> welcome aboard. it is, as brian kilmeade's daughter has depicted today, today is -- >> kirsten told me, dad, get a green tie. it's st. patrick's day eve. we have a guest list dotted with st. patrick's day superstars. >> right in the center of the guest list today, our menu of guests, the great irish tenor will be here. >> also the soprano from puerto rico, geraldo rivera. >> we have newt gingrich, mitt romney, a lot to ask them about as the campaign trail has heated up. >> guess who is up early, the greatest women's soccer player in the history of the world, mia hamm, two weeks after giving birth or two months after giving
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birth is with us in the morning with a great message. >> speaking of hams, we've got -- exactly right, alisyn camerota, always a pleasure to have her. >> i'll take that as a compliment. thanks for being here, as always. let's get right to your headlines now. start with a fox news alert. marine corps reporting another case of an afghan soldier turning his gun on american troops. 22-year-old lance corporal edward j.dykas reportedly shot in the head while standing guard at a joint u.s.-afghan base on february 1st. military officials on both sides keeping the murder secret until now. this is the seventh u.s. service member killed over the past six weeks by a soldier who was supposed to be an ally. another sign of rising tensions, afghan president hamid karzai calling for the immediate withdrawal of all u.s. and nato troops from the country's rural areas. he's also demanding troops leave the country all together by 2013. that's a year earlier than the
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deadline that president obama set. the taliban is also refusing to participate in peace talks. these developments coming just days after a u.s. soldier allegedly killed 16 villagers in afghanistan. an extreme weather alert now. take a look at this monster tornado. it is closing in on the town in michigan. a total of six twisters spotted in the area. dozens of homes and businesses leveled. right now, there are no reports of any injuries. but police and firefighters are going door to door checking on people. the slow moving storm also packed golf ball sized hail and it is triggering floods. look at that dramatic picture. and check out this thrill. a skydiving daredevil leaping from the high-tech balloon 13.6 miles above the earth. this is 42-year-old australian daredevil felix baumgartner known as fearless felix. he plummeted through the air at 365 miles an hour before opening
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his chute and landing safely in the new mexico desert. >> that's one crazy cat. >> felix. >> in a few months from now, he's trying to set a new record skydiving from 23 miles up. i guess the last one wasn't thrilling enough. >> how does he get all these days off? to do this? how many sick days does he have? >> any time where you jump out of an airline where you need a space suit. >> a little bit different. >> ok, it was a balloon. all right, meanwhile, politics. they're in full re-election mode right now. president obama and the vice president crisscrossing the country for support and cash. they're taking some jabs at their republicans competition. >> yep. election is in full swing. peter doocy is live in washington with more. hey, peter. >> hey, brian. in toledo, ohio, yesterday we heard the vice president's new pitch to voters and the vice president said that democrats are all about promoting the private sector and giving people a fair shot and shake while republicans want no rules and no accountability so they can protect what he calls the privileged sector.
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>> mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich, these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do. our philosophy, ours is one that values the workers and the success of a business. it values the middle class in the success of our economy! >> the obama administration is trying to drum up support outside ohio as well. releasing yesterday a 17 minute documentary called "the road we've traveled". all about the president's first term. it's narrated by tom hanks and features former president bill clinton as well as chicago mayor and former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel who knocks governor romney by name about the auto bailout. >> a lot of conventional wisdom wanted to do what mitt romney did, let it go. it can't be saved. why put good money after bad. >> but if you scroll down in that 2008 "new york times" op
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ed, you'll see that mitt romney never says that it can't be saved. it doesn't need a check and a managed bankruptcy may be the only path to fundamental restructuring the industry needs. it would permit the company to shed excess labor, pension and real estate cost and in a management bankruptcy, the federal government would compel newly competitive automakers rather than bail them out with a check. president will attend five fundraisers today, two in chicago and three in atlanta. back to you. >> thank you very much. what's interesting about the 17-minute movie about barack obama is the director, davis guggenheim can't find a single thing to matter with barack obama even though he's the same guy that directed the movie "waiting for superman" about unions and political cronies ruining education. >> i don't think this is the time where you get a counterpoint. >> this is a campaign film. let brian and i explain this to
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you. >> it's not exactly "crossfire" from the 1980's. steve, you're absolutely right. in the movie, they talk about well, how the president came forward and restored science in this country and how he put science -- where does science go? we've always had science. >> because they need science to invent solar energy and wind power and algae. >> well, we have our political panel coming up so that we can get a take from both sides of the aisle and what they think about this in new film. let's talk about oil and gas prices up again so obviously, the president is having to confront this in all of his campaign speeches as well as presidential speeches and he's basically saying look, we -- we actually are drilling. oil production is up. don't listen to the naysayers, don't listen to the critics. here's the president. >> so do not tell me that we're not drilling. we're drilling all over this
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country. and i guess there are a few spots where we're not drilling. we're not drilling in the national mall. we're not drilling at your house. if you start hearing the drill, baby, drill. drill, drill, drill, if you start hearing that again? just remember, you've got the facts. we're doing that. tell me something new. >> well, what he's not mentioning to you is that drilling is up amongst private land but when it comes to deep water permits, when it comes to shallow water permits, they are down to historic levels, historic lows right now. we know about 2010, we know about the b.p. disaster but we don't need to know those regulations are in place and the permit process is driving everyone crazy including democratic senators in the louisiana coast and up and down -- up and down the northeast. >> sure. plus the president makes it sound like we're drilling
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everywhere but not drilling off the coast of florida. instead, the castro brothers are going to do that and we're not drilling out on federal land in the rockies even though you know there's a lot of oil there. >> smothers brothers want to drill there. >> very true. meanwhile, mitt romney last night on the hannity program responding to the president saying hey, ok, you say we're drilling everywhere but these high prices are killing us! listen. >> he thinks this is all very funny but there are a lot of people who have a hard time getting to and from work and, being able to make end meet. you have soccer moms who wonder if they can afford to fill up the gas with vehicle again. there are a lot of people really suffering, having tough times because of these gas prices and i can cut through the baloney and the task force and tell them, mr. president, open up drilling in the gulf, open up drilling in anwar and open up drilling in the outer continental shelf. drill in north dakota.
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drill in oklahoma and texas, the president is looking for someone to blame and he ought to look in the mirror. i know he likes alternative energy. i'd rather see an alternative president. >> i know. but put it this way, if production doesn't help the overall oil price, if it's too complicated for the average human being to comprehend, why is saudi arabia picking up production and why is the price going down? >> we can ask that question to mitt romney. he'll be on our program a little later on as well as newt gingrich who the president basically said believes the earth is flat. we'll check his response to -- >> to not go over the edge. >> let's talk about this. have you noticed there is an attack on rush limbaugh? people are -- from the left are calling on his advertisers to pull out. >> and some have! >> and some have. you know, he said some things that he regretted and took back. he said the same stuff that some people over at msnbc had said and they apologized just like rush did but they didn't have
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this boycott organized against them. bill o'reilly last night on this program made it very clear that he does not like boycotts and one is currently -- actually, there's a guy at media research center, friend of this program, he's calling on msnbc to fire people over there because of the things they've said. here's o'reilly. >> some americans are calling for firings, boycotts and in one absurd case, criminal prosecution! all for a speech they don't like. the latest is a conservative media research center calling for the comcast corporation to fire some people at msnbc the entire boycott movement is garbage. the far left threatening sponsors who advertise on programs they don't like is flat out unamerican so i believe that the media research center is making a mistake sinking to that level. we sometimes use some of mrc's facts and they've always been reliable. mrc is a good source of information. it should stay that way and stay out of the boycott business. we want a vibrant america.
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we want free speech all over the place! but when that speech turns irresponsible, the marketplace should dictate. not pressure groups armed with threats. >> ok. so that's obviously an interesting take on whether or not you think that boycotts are effective or whether they're undemocratic. bret bzell went on sean hannity's show last night for talking about his rationale for calling for the boycott. >> there's a point where you get plain sick and tired of the hypocrisy of the raging hypocrisy of this network. i'm uncomfortable with this speech. >> stopping a 1 way street. it's time to tell these people, you want to fight fire? we have a whole lot more than you got. if you want to make an issue of it, we're going to make you rue the day that you tried us. >> both sides of an issue that's everywhere right now. straight ahead on this show, so what if the president's green
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initiatives have flopped. he said republicans should get with the times. >> if some of these folks were around when columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. >> is he right or on the wrong side of history? stuart varney is on the right side of the bed we hope. he's going to be here soon. >> what bed? then time is ticking and john edwards is desperate to stay out of jail. but is he desperate enough to ask one of his worst enemies for help? oh, boy! wait until you hear this. [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes? but you've got a meat and potatoes guy? pour chunky sirloin burger soup over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> president obama lashing out at republicans who say his green energy agenda is out of touch.
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>> if some of these folks were around when columbus set sail, they will -- they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. there have always been folks who are the nay sayers and don't believe in the future. >> so who is on the wrong side of history, steve? >> stuart varney is joining us right now. >> i'm on the right side. >> so that's the president's argument. the republicans, they are just, you know, flat earthers, just sail right off the edge. >> not necessarily that the president is on the wrong side or right side of history. the president is flat out wrong about energy. he says oil is the energy of the past. >> he does. >> well, it is the energy of the past and it's also the energy of the future. there's no way we're going to do without oil and natural gas and fossil fuels for decades to come in america and by the way, we've got a lot of it in america. now, does that raise the
6:18 am
question is green energy -- is that a thing of the past or is that a passing fad? it is not a passing fad. it is going to be here way into the future but it's always -- for the foreseeable future, it will play a minor role in our energy future. >> well, that's exactly what newt gingrich said in response to being called, you know, a flat earther. he said i actually do believe in all of the new technology. i'm a proponent of it. i also believe in the old technology of gas and oil. >> because we have a lot of that and it works! >> ton of it. you just showed shots there of a wind farm, ok? consider the problems with wind farming. wh the wind doesn't blow, you got no juice. when the wind does blow and you create some juice, you can't store it because battery technology isn't there yet. when you want to transmit that wind power, you can't without losing half of it in the transmission lines. you simply do not have technology to the point where you can really exploit wind power. same with solar power. it's going to be a part of the future for sure but a minor part
6:19 am
of the future. oil remains our major future. >> and you know what? that's exactly what charles krauthammer says in a great editorial he's got today in newspapers across the country where, you know, some day that stuff might work but right now, we've got a lot of oil at our disposal if we would simply drill down and get it. >> the president is highly defensive about what i think is his failed energy policy. he's on the campaign trail. he's aggressively attacking his critics and i think he's wrong about energy. period. >> in three hours, we're going to be watching you. >> more of this. >> he's a gas. >> yeah. filled with hot air! sorry. >> i can't resist a punch line. >> no, it was a good one. it was a good one. >> thank you. >> good to see you. thanks so much. >> all right, straight ahead, you heard it right here, u.s. troops told to drop their weapons when a v.i.p. enters the room. does that show you a lack of trust in our armed forces? we're going to talk to a soldier who just got back from afghanistan coming up. >> there's a simple way to
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>> thank you, "fox & friends" singers. now some headlines on this friday. i guess you could say they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. you're looking at a couple who got stuck on the side of a mountain while hiking in scottsdale, arizona, overnight. what? the pair eventually rescued and we're told they're doing just fine. >> happens to all of us.
6:24 am
>> and the united states planning to resume military aid to egypt despite concerns over rights and uncertain transition to democracy in their country. going well there. >> a little uncertain. >> next week, secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to waive a congressional requirement that will allow the $1.3 billion in military aid to move forward this year back to egypt. >> do you believe you're really a genius? you just need to find the secret code to unlock your brilliance. what do you think? answers at home. >> well, you may be right and our next guest is here to help us all unlock our inner genius by using our handwriting. this is called intuitive writing or the methodology of the right brain. >> and here to explain is the author of "thought revolution, how to unlock your inner genius" william donius. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> everybody's got an inner genius we don't know about? >> we're skeptical. >> i think so. at least i found mine about 12 years ago. >> where was it? >> it was in my right brain
6:25 am
actually and using this process described in the book, it worked for me and allowed me to tap into my right brain and discover things about myself that i didn't know and it helped me to work out issues and basically live a better life. it revolutionized my life. >> your creativity hemisphere side was not functioning because you weren't using it. you didn't need it! >> i think that's basically true. >> you're a practical guy. >> exactly. we live in a world so dominated by logic and analysis and linear thinking that -- and that serves us well most of the time but what about creativity and innovation, intuition, we don't really need those skills as often and this process is a way to tap into that. >> the trick that you're about to teach us connects the neural pathways of the two hemispheres of the brain. i'm already a genius. i don't need this. that's what's going to happen? >> basically what we're doing is using the nondominant hand. >> the right side does one and the left side does others.
6:26 am
>> that's exactly it. and what we're using is the nondominant hand is, in fact, the neural pathway to the right brain. >> so if you are right-handed, your nondominant hand is your left hand. >> correct. >> let the genius kick in! >> do we want some jeopardy music? >> i feel the pressure. >> you feel the pressure? >> initially, we do this in a quiet setting, you do at home. but right now, there's a lot of pressure but i know that you guys are brilliant. this will be easy for you. i would like you to write the question on your board with your dominant hand, if i were an animal, what animal would i be? >> just write the question -- >> write that question, if you would. >> with my dominant hand. >> write the whole question with my dominant hand. >> you can abbreviate it if you'd like. and then after you've written the question, go ahead and answer it with your dominant hand.
6:27 am
>> with the dominant hand? >> correct. >> is this -- >> write the question. >> now just -- >> you can feel the genius already. >> would you stop looking at my board? >> brian is a fast track a student. >> now we write -- >> just write any answer that seems appropriate. ok, good. >> i'd be a horse. >> ok. now this is -- >> secretariat. >> this is where it gets interesting. what i want you to do is flip the pen marker into your nondominant hand like you're all right-handed so in your left hand, what i would like you to do, this is where it gets a little tricky, you have to be willing to suspend disbelief. >> ok. >> and believe that it's possible for your left hand to answer that question without you even thinking about it. it's a different process. it's a different thought process. that's why it's very revolutionary. >> i go through a lot of my life not thinking. >> being that animal. >> maybe. >> what i would like you you to do, hang in there with me is simply follow the instructions
6:28 am
and allow whatever pops into your head. >> all right. >> literally you may find -- you may see it. you may feel it. pop it. >> we can't cancel newt gingrich and mitt romney. we have to hurry up a little. >> ok, i'm going to reread the question for you and then you just answer it. so the question again is if i were an animal, what animal would i be? write it down. >> come on, steve. >> steve, you're copying mine. >> lion, lion, cat, unicorn. >> we both said unicorn. >> now you want to hear what my hypothesis of this is? >> quickly. >> the answer that we write with our dominant hand ends up being aspirational i found. it's something we might want to be. the answer we write with our
6:29 am
nondominant hand is an answer that is representational to who we are in life. >> we're mythological? >> we're unicorns. >> that's pretty rare. >> wow! that's crazy. >> one exists, one doesn't. >> great idea. check out the book called "thought revolution, how to unlock your inner genius." thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. you'll see a marked improvement in the show now. >> thanks for shaking his hand with your dominant hand. straight ahead, coming up, rare tornadoes strike the heartland destroying dozens of homes. we'll go live where they're digging through the damage this morning and then -- >> olympic gold medalist and world cup champion mia hamm is here. she joins us live. come on in. >> first, happy birthday to nancy wilson. she's 58. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot?
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then i found new pronutrients omega-3. it's from centrum. it's a smaller minigel. with two of the best omegas to support my heart, brain and eyes. new pronutrients from centrum. >> unbelievable. i like the shamrock that turns into st. patrick's day and turns into our logo. >> traditionally, people have a lot of green bagels this time of year. look at what dunkin donuts have come out with, a couple of specialty donuts. and every nutritionist tells you, green is good for you.
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>> it is. they got the lucky mint donut and green shamrock donut as well. >> get into the holiday spirit, run to dunkin donuts, is that what you're saying, steve? >> how is it? >> delicious! >> save those for us. >> fantastic. >> a little dunkin donuts coffee. >> are you going to have all 12? >> i'm going to save it. >> that has bailey's in it. be careful. >> dunkin donuts is getting into the holiday spirit. steve is waiting. he doesn't want to wait for a break. >> give you some news while you have your breakfast. let me tell you your headlines right now because an arrest has been made in the case of a missing 18-year-old barista in alaska. a 34-year-old has been arrested in texas on charges connected to samantha konig's disappearance. he reportedly owns a construction company in anchorage. details have not been released and police say she hasn't been found. she was last seen on
6:35 am
february 1st on surveillance video being led from her job at her coffee stand with a man with a gun. >> the aamerican soldier accused of killing 16 soldiers could be moved to a prison. his client may have been suffering from ptsd after seeing another soldier get hurt. >> informed at the small base that he was at, somebody was gravely injured on the day before the alleged incident. affected all of the soldiers. >> john henry brown has represented several high profile clients, serial killer ted bundy, for example, and the so-called barefoot bandit and he says the soldier was reluctant to go to afghanistan after having been injured twice in iraq. >> meanwhile, former democratic presidential candidate john edwards shaking up his legal team. a judge is allowing edwards to hire his ex-mistress' lawyer.
6:36 am
the ones who got their sex tape destroyed. did a good job there. he, mr. edwards, goes on trial next month accused of illegally using a million dollars in campaign funds to cover up his affair with rielle hunter. >> are you happy? no comment? >> no comment. >> when hunter takes the stand at edwards' trial, she'll have to be questioned by other members of his legal team and she's also getting immunity from any criminal charges stemming from this sordid case. >> somber symbol of the costa concordia tragedy has been stolen reportedly souvenir hunters have taken the brass bell from the ship's wreckage. it was hanging on the bridge of the stricken cruise liner secured by boats. it was stolen earlier this month but kept quiet. on investigation is ongoing and multiple people are suspected to have been involved. >> meanwhile, a night of terror
6:37 am
strikes in parts of michigan completely levelling dozens of homes and businesses as well. wjbk's amy andrews has more on the scene and she's live in the hard hit city of dexter, michigan. good morning to you, amy. >> good morning, yes. i'm in dexter here and the scene is one of devastation. take a look behind me here. one home flattened. the house next to it, you can see the upstairs ripped apart. clothes just hanging in the closet as if, you know, they weren't even touched. the miracle here is no one was injured or killed when the twister touched down last night around dinnertime. take a look at other video. around 100 homes were damaged in this hard-hitting storm. we've got 12 that were destroyed all together. but then again, no injuries. we did talk to one home owner who discusses what they went through last night. >> i can hear the noise. i can hear the freight train and i know it was a tornado but i
6:38 am
could not see where it was coming from. a bunch of debris, there were shingles and eight foot pieces of play wood, there was insulation, 200 feet in the air it was swirling around. i knew it took out a couple of houses. >> i was looking out the skylight and watching them and you don't have enough time to pray or kiss yourself good-bye. you sit there and wait and hope you're going to be there at the end. >> once again, over 100 homes damaged but no injuries right now. we're counting our blessings here in dexter. from dexter, michigan, amy andrews, fox news. >> all right, amy. thank you very much. >> all right. sun comes up, they're going to get a good look at the devastation. >> yep. meanwhile, she's one of the world's best soccer players and the world's all time leading scorer of men and women holding records for the most international goals, of course, but these days olympic gold medalist and world cup champion mia hamm is really busy off the field. not only raising her family, inspiring young girls. >> mia hamm joins us now. good morning! >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> you have been up early. you had a baby two months ago.
6:39 am
>> yes. >> so you're still on that schedule. and it's great to have you. i'm also interested that you have twin girls, 5-year-olds. i have twin girls, 7-year-olds and i'm always trying to figure out how to teach them about perseverance and the secret to success and that's what you're doing. >> yeah. well, i've teamed up with devry university and talking to high school girls about setting goals and preparing them for college and like you said, for girls especially, getting them to invest in themselves and seeing the value of their education and really being proactive about it. >> stem. right? >> science, technology, engineering and math. which are all subjects i just so good. >> but those are the secrets for the future. >> absolutely. i mean, they -- one statistic was out that between now and 2018, about 8 1/2 million jobs will be created in those fields alone. >> your name, your personality, and your athletic career makes you known to all these girls. so you're going to get their
6:40 am
attention immediately but can they relate to somebody who is -- on the national team at the age of 15 and the stats, you accomplished it. long time leading scorer in world soccer. can you relate to the average person with average talent? >> i still have a very simple life. and absolutely. because one of the things with these areas or fields is girls aren't really encouraged to participate in them or to go in these fields and playing soccer especially, playing sports, people weren't in there telling me, oh, yeah, girls do that. they were telling me the opposite, girls don't play sports. girls don't play soccer so i'm trying to share with these girls, if this is your love and passion, go for it, you know? >> in particular, my kids have friends, young women who want to be engineers and because there are so few women engineers, they get scholarships and they get special attention and they get easier admission into college. >> well, it's -- >> in some cases. >> in some cases.
6:41 am
but for them, it's also discouraging, you know, when you sit in a room and you're the only girl and you don't have people who you feel have your back or you can relate to, so what we're trying to do is i'm here in new york, we're having one of these her world events, it's really -- if we can reach out to one girl and say hey, listen, if this is your love and your passion, go for it. >> and mia, finally, just about you. how tough was it to turn the page? was there a period of which you -- your life changed so dramatically that it took a period to adjust? >> well, physically, it's tough. i wish i was still that fit. i watched the women and i'm like man, but i look at my daughters and my son every day and i don't regret one moment because for me, it was about my career for so long and now it's about my family. and being a part of an event like this today is tremendous. but i -- not one day, i mean, i love being a fan now. i love being a mom and i feel so blessed to be able to do what i did for so long.
6:42 am
>> there's really nothing else for you to accomplish so move on. >> you were done. mia hamm, great to have you here. congratulations on the new baby. if you want to hear more about the secret to success for girls going forward, her web site will be linked to you can read it all there. thanks. >> thanks, guys. happy st. patrick's day. >> same to you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, you heard it right here. u.s. troops told to drop their weapons when a v.i.p. enters a room. does that show a lack of trust in our own armed forces? we'll ask a soldier who just got back from a tour in afghanistan. >> he was attacked by chris rock for bringing up the tea party. now, chris rock has hired a lawyer. the man who asked that question that got that response joins us live. >> and he has a lawyer? i'm a marathon runner,
6:43 am
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>> an american soldier is reportedly killed by an afghan soldier who was supposed to be an ally, of course. the marine corps says the 22-year-old lance corporal was shot in the head while he standed guard at a u.s.-afghan base in february. this comes as more questions surround the decision to disarm u.s. marines attending a speech by defense secretary leon panetta in the helmon province yesterday. joining us is the executive director of vets for freedom and a u.s. senate candidate in minnesota, captain peter hexstad. thanks for your service. >> appreciate it. >> first off, 200 marines told to leave their guns outside while they listen to the secretary of defense. does that show a lack of trust in our own men and women? >> unfortunately, i think it does. i don't know where that decision was made up and down the chain. i know a sergeant said someone
6:47 am
got itchy. i'm telling you, we've had dignitaries in afghanistan many times. i was never asked to disarm. afghans would never have weapons in that scenario for obvious reasons but somewhere in light of recent events thought we shouldn't be having marines with their weapons when the secretary of defense comes to speak, that just strikes me as incredibly odd and unfortunate and definitely does show a lack of trust from somebody. >> you have to wonder the people sacrificing every single day working 20 hours a week eating a pound of sand have to wonder if their work is appreciated and if they're not even trusted. let's move ahead, captain and talk about another situation where supposedly friendly afghan soldier that we trained killed one of our guys. your reaction? >> yeah, it's a tough situation over there. and there really is a lack -- you speak about a lack of trust? there's a growing lack of trust there, too. you know, we've got -- there's clear infiltration within the afghan national army. i worked with a lot of great afghans that worked hard and had an allegiance to their country and would never do something
6:48 am
like that. but the taliban is working hard to try to create more and more barriers between us and the afghans as we try to build their afghan army and you know what it comes back to, brian? that's what happens when you set a deadline. when you tell the enemy when you're going to leave. they start to look through you to a post-american future and they don't trust that you're going to be there and they exploit that and they've done it with the afghan army. >> we made it clear as we were bulking up, we're still going to leave. now, let's talk about what hamid karzai said yesterday after meeting with the secretary of defense. he wants all our men and women and you were just there to stay on their bases out of the rural areas and essentially stop patrolling. they want control of their own armed forces.l ofws we're actually paying the bill. >> we are paying the bill. president karzai, i don't think he knows what he's asking for there. his troops aren't prepared to secure the country, ultimately, i think that speech was for domestic consumption. hey, at this point in afghanistan, this is about american interest. this is about our interests. this is about the reason we're there is to ensure that radical
6:49 am
islamists don't have ahaven in which to strike us. other than that, the afghans, i wish them the best and i want them to be able to secure their country. the decisions we make there need to be made based on whether or not we'll be more secure as a result. i trust the commander there will look at that operation through that lens. >> finally, newt gingrich has essentially said this might not be winnable. your reaction? >> well, i go back to that deadline. if you've got a deadline hanging around the necks of our troops, it's pretty tough to have a good outcome there. i would say that we need to responsibly withdraw at this point and make sure we don't allow a pre-9/11 atmosphere in afghanistan. it's that deadline that's killing us. >> good luck in your senate run in minnesota that tends to be a wild election state. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, we move ahead. he was attacked by a comedian, chris rock, for bringing up the tea party. what happened? hear the story first hand when we return. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil.
6:50 am
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>> welcome back. comedian chris rock is lawyering up after attacking a journalist. >> that journalist jason mattera confronting the comedian about this statement that rock made last year. rock said "when i see the tea party and all this stuff, it actually feels like racism's almost over. they're going crazy. they're insane". journalist and author of the brand new book "hollywood hypocrites" jason mattera joins us live. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> this happened in january at the sundance film festival.
6:54 am
you went up some stairs, chris rock, you knew was up there. you asked him a question. you got a -- he must have freaked you out. >> he didn't freak me out. he was freaked out. attacked my camerawoman and launched the camera 50 feet and then wanted to fight me. you know, it's so interesting that when you actually try to hold these hollywood ones accountable for the deplorable statements, they're the ones that end up being insane. i'm sick and tired of millions of americans being smeared as racists for just going to tea party rallies, waving their american flags. they're concerned about the direction of the country and then you have this person like chris rock tell "esquire" they're a bunch of racists and they're insane. that's why they don't like barack obama. >> i think i read somewhere, also in there, he asked whether or not you wanted to fight. he was standing behind two bodyguards. >> yes, two very large bodyguards. and he -- acting all hardcore, mouthing off with the convenience of the bodyguards there. now, listen, chris rock wanted
6:55 am
to fight, whatever. the guy weighs probably about 110 pounds. >> now a legal fight. i understand he's lawyering up. >> yeah. this is what's interesting. he likes to act all hardcore big and bad. but chris rock is a linguini spined wuss. he's going to lawyer up because there's a video he doesn't like on the internet. go ahead, sue me. lawyer up, you're a punk. >> are you trespassing there? >> no, i'm not trespassing. >> i'm trying to figure out what he possibly -- >> i don't know what he possibly could sue me for. >> he grabbed your camera! >> exactly. >> did you file a police report at the time? >> no. >> why not? >> that's not how i roll. my job is to expose hollywood. i spent a year investigating and writing "hollywood hypocrites" and not just investigating. wanting to confront people like chris rock and show america that obama's biggest backer, they don't live by the same policy restrictions they try to hoist on the rest of us. we're having this debate in the
6:56 am
media, there's a narrative that conservatives are hate mongers. they're concerned about obama's gargantuan spending and you ask chris rock to justify his comments and the guy attacks a camerawoman! >> let me ask you this -- it's astounding video where he does look like he's gone berserk there. how many members of the mainstream media have played that? >> i think -- >> has it been anywhere on tonight? none of that stuff. somebody on the right attacking, oh, my goodness. >> steven, you make an interesting point. >> take a picture with you? >> video, every time i watch it. check out the book. it is called "hollywood hypocrites." jason, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. >> what do you think? e-mail us. meanwhile, "the new york times" ran this ad asking catholics who abandon their faith but the paper refused to publish this ad asking muslims to do the same. why the disconnect? we'll report, you decide. with d.
6:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. it's friday, march 16th. i'm alisyn camerota. now to this fox news alert. another u.s. soldier killed by a rogue ally. a member of the afghan military and now president karzai says foreign soldiers need to get out. stay right here for the latest breaking news out of afghanistan. >> so what if the president's green initiatives have flopped? he says republicans like newt gingrich need to get with the times. >> if some of these folks were around when columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. >> former speaker is here. this hour. to talk a little history. >> plus too sensitive, perhaps? "the new york times" nixing this anti-muslim ad and instead, running this anti-catholic ad. could the fallout put our troops in danger? that's what "the new york times" says. anyway, "fox & friends" for a friday live from new york starts right now.
7:01 am
>> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us this morning. it's your friday. congratulations. >> and it's your wednesday. >> my wednesday. >> yeah, alisyn filling in for gretch. just keep in mind, i can guarantee one thing, you'll be talking about gas prices on saturday and you'll be talking about it on sunday because you just have a four hour show. don't waste any time. >> it looks like that topic isn't going anywhere. keeps going up. >> absolutely. and you can tell that the white house is starting to feel the heat because the republicans have been beating the drum for a while. look, the price of gas keeps going up. of course, the president in the past has tried to keep the eyes on that. it's gotten to him, newt gingrich has been saying if i'm your president, i can get gas to $2, $2.50, something like that and at the same time, you have a number of republicans who say, you know, the solar energy stuff, the wind stuff is not working. so here's president obama
7:02 am
yesterday and joe biden was speaking in front of 500 auto workers and the president mocking those who mock him. >> if some of these folks were around when columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the flat earth society. there have always been folks who are the nay sayers and don't believe in the future. >> well, newt gingrich himself will be here in 15 minutes. we'll ask him about that nay sayer business. >> meanwhile, mitt romney, there's so much debate about whether or not gas prices are ever any one president's fault or whether any president has any control over gas prices because so much -- many international factors go into it. well, mitt romney says yes, in fact, president obama can be held responsible. >> people who set the prices of oil look not just at the daily spot rate. they look long term to see what's going to be happening. and they buy and sell these
7:03 am
shares of -- and futures of oil based upon what they think is going to happen. what they're seeing with this president is a series of policies that say oil, natural gas, coal are not going to be used as effectively in this country as they could be. >> that's what he was saying. you have to look at speculators. you want to get mad at speculators because they're speculating the price is going to go up. get them to speculate the price is going to go down. and you do that by saying this nation and with the third largest -- with the country with the third largest of reserves that we know of and it's probably greater than that is serious about drilling. therefore, those people who want to make money for other people to make money, it's probably a good idea to back off in speculating that prices are going to go up. republicans who say i'm not for green energy are just saying not now. doesn't mean not ever. senator coburn. >> let's say the climate people are totally right. it's still going to take us 25 years to get there. why keep sending $200 billion
7:04 am
out of this country as we get there? keep all the green incentives but let's take care of our own. it doesn't matter. the carbon dioxide coming from iranian oil or saudi oil is exactly the same as the carbon dioxide coming from our oil. why leave ours in the ground and buy theirs? >> why tell brazil we're going to be their best customer and tell saudi arabia to pick up the pace when we can pick up our own pace and we can keep it here and we'll have the american workers doing it. that's his point not that it won't be great to have an electric car. >> we all like the idea of electric cars but the technology isn't there right now. >> it bothers me when i got the volt and to have to unwind an extension cord, that bothers me. >> why didn't you do it -- >> yes. >> we're going to ask newt gingrich just in a short time from now about that $2.50 claim that he makes and how he can be so confident that prices could go down. >> then he'll answer you. >> i'm sure he will. >> plus mitt romney in the next hour. that's a big show. >> sounds like you're bragging.
7:05 am
>> i am. >> name dropper. >> in the meantime, let's get to your headlines. start with this fox news alert for you. u.s. marine corps revealing another case of an american soldier murdered by afghan troops. the lance corporal reportedly just 22 years old was shot in the back of the head while standing guard at a u.s.-afghan joint air force base back in february. military officials on both sides keeping this murder under wraps until now. this is the seventh u.s. service member killed over the past month and a half by a soldier who was supposed to be an ally and another sign of those rising tensions. afghan president hamid karzai now falling for the immediate withdraw of all u.s. and nato troops from the country's rural areas. he's also demanding foreign troops leave the country all together by the year 2013 and that's a whole year earlier than the deadline set by president obama. the taliban also refusing to participate in peace talks, peace developments coming days after a u.s. soldier allegedly
7:06 am
killed 16 villagers in afghanistan. i want to show you a live look at dexter, michigan, where they're digging through the rubble after devastating twisters ripped through the area. this is a look at the destruction, so ominous looking still. of course, it was a terrifying ordeal for many who said that all they could do was wait for the tornado to pass and hope for the best. >> shut the door and prayed and held hands and stuff and we kept calling our husbands and telling them not to come home. >> i looked out of my patio door, we have a finished walk out basement and saw my swing set go by so i took the kids and we ran into the storage room. >> hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands are without power this morning but luckily, so far, no injuries have been reported. president obama firing a misguided shot at former u.s. president rutherford b. hayes in his energy speech. the president mocked the 19th century republican as an anti-technology nay sayer.
7:07 am
>> one of my predecessors, rutherford b. hayes reportedly said about the telephone, it's a great invention but who would ever want to use one? well, that's why he's not on mount rushmore. >> according to the rutherford b. hayes presidential center. >> there's a big one. >> hayes never said that. he actually loved the invention. he was the first president to have a telephone in the white house! >> at least we know where to start with newt, then. he's a historian. >> great idea. >> who would think the rutherford b. hayes foundation would be royaled like this. >> they were just sitting there ready to -- hold a minute. bring me up, everybody, i dare you! >> meanwhile, listen to this. on march 9th, "the new york times" ran an anti-catholic ad. well, recently, ok, there it is right there.
7:08 am
it's time to consider quitting the catholic church. all right? all right. so anyway, that ran on march 9th. >> and was sponsored by the wisconsin based freedom from religion people. >> ok. so recently, pamela geller with stop the islamization of nations put together a $39,000 ad as it would cost. there it is right there. to run in "the new york times." and you know what? they ran the anti-catholic ad but they would not run this anti-islam ad. >> another thing that's interesting about this comparison is that pam geller who wanted to run this ad as steve just said actually mimicked the anti-catholic ad. she used some of the same verbiage and even used some verbatim just put in islam as opposed to catholicism. it wasn't that hers was more inflammatory. she used that as a model but "the new york times" rejected hers about islam. >> one went out on march 9th and the one on the 13th was rejected. here's what "the new york times" says. "the fallout from running this
7:09 am
ad now could put u.s. troops and/or civilians in the afghan region in danger." bill donahue is the head of the catholic league and tends to be outspoken and he says "the times" was based on either anti-catholic bigotry or fear of islamic violence and they painted themselves into that corner because catholics don't attack people for attacking them. they will be attacked. >> you follow that? >> i follow you, shockingly but here's how "the times" gets around it. they say not now. now is not the right time because of how inflammatory it could be in afghanistan following the attacks. they say they are willing to consider it in a few months. that's what they're saying. right now, no one knows if that's just cover and they'll never reconsider it but that was their excuse. >> it sounds like cover. "the new york times" is the same organization that has printed highly classified information in the past, did a lot of the wikileaks stuff. >> probably didn't help us win any wars. >> probably not. some have argued some of the things that "the new york times" has published put our men and
7:10 am
women serve the military in peril but yet, they can't run this ad. >> don't look for it until now. people are scared to death. >> let us know what you think about this, if now is not the right time or if they are just koomg to -- >> looks like a double standard. >> right now, the right thing to do is tease what's coming up next. we're excited about it. not even a stun gun was enough to take out this hardened criminal. wait until you see this dramatic escape from the courtroom and the president kicks out his campaign with the brand new film promoting all of his big deals. our political panel here with their reviews in the less than 17 minute film. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪
7:11 am
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7:14 am
> >> a new hollywood style film directed by the filmmaker behind al gore's "inconvenient truth" and narrated by one of tinseltown's biggest names, tom hanks. the goal was to highlight president obama's accomplishments. here's a clip of the vice president recounting the mission to capture or kill usama bin laden. >> entire national security apparatus was in that room. and the president turns to every principal in the room, what do you recommend i do? and they say it's a close call, mr. president. as he walked out of the room, it dawned on me, he's all alone. this is his decision. >> will this film get voters on board for 2012 or does president obama's first term speak for itself? we've assembled a special panel to weigh in. jay thomas is a serious xm radio talk show host. cheryl lee ralph is an actress and author of "redefining diva"
7:15 am
and he had larry, we welcome all of you. is this highlighting an accomplishment or remind everybody how it once was? >> they pretty much guide everything i do in my life. this is basically a lowering of expectations thing. president obama himself came out and said if the economy doesn't get better, this is going to be a one term proposition. now he's sort of changing the narrative on that. i missed the part in the film that talked about gas prices. i missed the part in the film that says that obamacare is actually going to be twice as expensive as it was when it was sold to us a couple of years ago. and i missed all of those things in the movie. it's propaganda. pure propaganda. >> and it's so wonderful! >> beautifully done. >> it's beautifully done. i think that they've got some incredibly talented people behind it and if you want to get a great message out there, you get some very great people that can deliver that message. >> what is that? >> hooray for hollywood. >> behind the usama bin laden
7:16 am
capture, what's the great message they're hinging re-election on? >> that hollywood loves unemployment because it makes people watch television and go to movies and i thought it was funny that ron paul had the guys from "the artist" do his. you like that one? that was so -- ron didn't get it. >> incredible achievements here. if all obama did was get usama, let's not forget that three years ago, number one on our list was to make sure that we were safer and felt safer. obama did get usama on his watch. the economy is definitely getting better. we've had 24 years of increase in job creation. >> absolutely. >> so there have been some -- >> first of all, i don't remember president obama running back in 2008 on hire me, i'll get usama bin laden. again, resetting the narrative. >> no, somebody else did. somebody on the other side ran on that. somebody else ran on that. >> i don't think so. >> wait a minute! wait a minute!
7:17 am
wait a minute! wait a minute! wait a minute! >> lay off -- >> hey! >> thank you. >> come on. why are you attacking me? >> wait a minute. i see the picture of hillary clinton and it makes me sad. i wish she were president and people like jay thomas would say i'm sexist for opposing the president instead of racist. >> oh, no. >> oh, my god. that was a great case. >> exactly. >> what? >> because of the health care, the only thing that came in is that my kids can be insured for free until they're 26. that's all i ever cared about. >> that's a good thing. >> that's a good thing? >> that's a good thing. >> because otherwise, i was going to have to pay for them so -- >> how about instead having your kids get a good education, get a job and grow up? >> i don't care about that. >> i don't care about -- >> go ahead. >> i thought seeking college
7:18 am
education is somehow elitist. isn't that what was said last week? we need our children to get great educations and president obama has increased pell grants by, what, 50% so some -- >> the president has taken my money to pay for other kids' education. what a wonderful thing he has done. >> to say -- >> no, i want parents to be responsible for their own kids. jay, i can't believe you're excited that -->> i love that you pay for my kids! >> pay for your kids' health care. what's going on over here? >> i think we should all -- >> make money and keep giving it to me. >> that's the hollywood message. vote for america -- >> we are better than this, america. we are better than this! a mind has always been a terrible thing to waste, especially a good american one. >> i'm not sure. i think all of you have run for your own campaign mottos and i think i just -- >> i vote for cheryl. >> thank you. >> i vote for all of you. jay thomas, cheryl ralph. >> i don't think we solved a
7:19 am
thing. >> at least everyone knows i'm sexist instead of racist. >> there you go. >> at least i'm -- thanks, guys. >> pleasure. next on the rundown, we'll go to new york city where people are braving their elements to get their hands on apple's brand new ipad. >> why do they do that? it's here. >> so what if the president's green energy projects have flopped. this week, he -- your segment is over, jay. republicans like newt gingrich is the ones who are out of touch with energy reality. we invited the speaker here. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot?
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> let's talk politics. president obama yesterday lashing out at republicans who do not agree with his energy plan such as it is saying those republicans out of touch. >> and then they start acting like we've got a magic wand and we will give you cheap gas forever if you just elect us. every time. been the same script for 30 years. like a bad rerun. >> so now with this issue on the table in the presidential race, what plan will actually lower prices? former speaker of the house and republican presidential candidate newt gingrich joins us now. good morning, mr. speaker. >> good morning. >> so basically, what the president was saying there is that your $2.50 gas plan is a
7:24 am
fiction. he's been talking -- he didn't name you but he said some professional politicians, i believe is the word that he used. how can you be so confident that your $2.50 plan would work? >> first of all, notice that the administration has turned to the saudi arabians to pump more oil and the secretary of energy said the day before yesterday, oh, gosh, i'm so happy that the saudis are going to pump more oil. maybe that will bring prices down so apparently even the secretary of energy agrees if you pump more oil, the difference is they want to pay the money to the saudis. they want the saudi government to get the royalties. they want the jobs to be in saudi arabia. it's kind of strange to have an american president who favors saudi oil over american oil. saudi jobs over american jobs. i frankly want an energy policy so no president ever again bows to a saudi king. but let me give you a factual example. this is not a theory. this is history. since 2008, natural gas production has gone up 11%. the price of natural gas has
7:25 am
dropped enough that if it were applied to gasoline, it would be $1.13 a gallon. now, that's a fact. the natural gas has dropped dramatically over the last three years. had oil had the same production increase in the united states and dropped the same amount, you'd be paying $1.13 today. i'm being very modest and trying to get us to $2.50 and the president is complaining about that. >> you are clearly on the president's mind, the $2.50 and he used the example that you've been using because you wanted to talk about space exploration and you said they would have said that about christopher columbus. he's using your phrases a little bit. >> well, you know, imitation is a high form of flattery and i thought it was fascinating. it's the president who is refusing to recognize the modern world. in the modern world, the amount of oil we have in north dakota because of new drilling technology has jumped from 150 million barrels to 24 billion barrels in the last decade.
7:26 am
we have more oil in north dakota than we ever dreamed possible. and some people think with another generation of new technology, we'll have 500 billion barrels in north dakota. it's the president who is sort of -- he used the term flat earth society. i think he belongs to the sierra club flat earth society. he can't believe anything that would improve energy. it takes away his desire for government to control our lives. >> mr. speaker, our for the new technologies. it's at this point in time, they aren't to the stage where they could work effectively and if all it takes is punching some holes in the ground and getting the oil right there, let's use that for now until the other stuff works. >> look, i'm for biological research. i'm for developing algae over time. but the current algae technologies, you'd have to have $850 a barrel oil to make it competitive. the president lives in this fantasy land like solyndra, he
7:27 am
imagines these things up. it's like shovel ready jobs, remember he finally admitted two years later there were no shovel ready jobs in his shovel ready jobs program. we're back to same fantasy life. the american people deserve inexpensive oil and gas, if it's possible. they deserve it from american sources to keep the money in america to create american jobs. the president is doing just the opposite. he's asking the saudis to bail us out which means he'll have to bow even deeper the next time he sees a saudi king. i am deeply opposed to that kind of foreign policy. >> mr. speaker, we've had breaking news this morning about how yet another american u.s. soldier, i believe it's the seventh, has been killed by an afghan soldier. what would you do today about whether or not to keep u.s. soldiers in afghanistan? >> i would first of all put in the context of dealing with pakistan and iran and the larger region and i would second ask the generals to figure out the safest possible way to extricate
7:28 am
our forces and to minimize the risk we're running. i think we're asking our young men and women to undertake a project that cannot be done unless you deal with pakistan and iran. half the pashtans live in pakistan. the taliban has a safe haven. they'll be there long after we're gone and the goal has to be to train afghans and put afghans in the villages, not americans and do it as rapidly as possible. >> well, in the big picture in afghanistan, i read a quote that said you basically don't think we can win there. what changed your mind? >> well, look, i've always thought it was very, very unlikely we could win as long as you had a pakistani safe place -- safe haven for the taliban. but what made it even worse is realizing that bin laden had been in pakistan in a military town in a city for seven years. now, that means that people in the pakistani system were protecting them. and just put in the highlight that we have no clue how to get the pakistanis to clean out the
7:29 am
areas that the taliban is in. and every reason to believe the pakistanis don't want to clean those areas out. now, as long as the taliban has a safe haven, i don't know of any theory of counterinsurgency that suggests you could ever win a war where the guerillas have a safe haven they can retreat to. >> all right. mr. speaker, before you go, we want to talk to you a little bit about the state of the horse race betwix you and rick santorum, mitt romney and ron paul. i know you picked up a couple of delegates. going forward, mitt romney has close to 500. rick santorum has about half that. you've got about 131, ron paul 48 at this stage of the game. you made it very clear a while back you were in it until the convention. do you still feel that way? >> sure. look, i have 176,000 donors at 95% of them have given less than
7:30 am
$250. everywhere we went to illinois yesterday, people said to me, you have to stay in the race and you have to talk about big solutions like $2.50 a gallon gasoline. so i think the people who are syst supporting me want to have a reagan visionary, big ideas candidate and our challenge is to translate that into more delegates starting here in louisiana where i'm talking to you from new orleans. >> very good. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, he's running for president! thank you very much for joining us on this friday morning, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, not even a stun gun was strong enough to take out this hardened criminal. wait until you see his dramatic escape from the courtroom. >> acclaimed irish tenor is here and he'll sing to us in a little bit. first, he's talking politics and he has a lot to stay. >> if he'll talk politics, then i'll sing. >> mitt romney in the next hour. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
7:31 am
and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. sh us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles for every dollar spent on your travel reward card. up t100,000 miles! hawaii, here we come. claiyour miles at today! wh's in your wallet? cayou play games on that? not on the runway. no.
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but not how we get there. because in this business, there are no straight lines. only the twists and turns of an unpredictable industry. so the eighty-thousand employees at delta... must anticipate the unexpected. and never let the rules overrule common sense. this is how we tame the unwieldiness of air travel, until it's not just lines you see... it's the world.
7:34 am
>> can you imagine when ireland had a holiday where everybody dressed up as benjamin franklin and drank red, white and blue beer. it would be like they're making fun of us. >> he has one of the most well known and beautiful voices in the world. >> thank you. >> jimmy kimmel?
7:35 am
>> ♪ from your window >> and this acclaimed irish tenor ronan tynan is here on the curvy couch not to sing quite yet. it's a little early for you. tell me where that was from. >> that was actually from baltimore. that was a tribute to the veterans and there were five colonels from the second world war and that particular song was chosen by the air force because the particular colonel who used to sing it to his troops, it was very, very moving. >> you've been on this program a number of times and it's great because not only do you know your craft but you also love to watch the news and talk about things in the news. did you see us do the story a little while ago about how "the new york times" ran an
7:36 am
anti-catholic ad but would not run an anti-muslim ad. now is the time. they're worried about our safety of our men and women over there. >> first of all, in respect of all religions, you must respect every religion and you must give them the cardinal right that, you know, you don't decide that you're running one ad against another and, you know, the anti-catholic ad, i think some people have to really stand back and look at this and realize what the catholic church has done for this country and for the world. i mean -- >> it's become a punching bag. >> every religion becomes a punching bag. it's not just the catholic religion, the muslim religion, ut the jewish religion. every religion is open for conflict and argument and fight and the thing is, it's almost normal for every religion to be targeted. particular when it comes to the catholic church because basically, catholicism and the underlying philosophy is understanding and giving and living through their faith.
7:37 am
and the catholic church has been responsible for wonderful hospitals, wonderful education and caring and charity particularly to the poor. that kind of is a very broad area that you can see every religion does. >> there's the atheist in the catholic ad essentially saying you want freedom from religion and takes on ka thot simple. would you not run that ad? you don't believe that ad belongs in there? >> i think you have to go back to the first amendment and realize that what does this country offer to the -- to the population? freedom of speech. the right to decide their religion so at the end of the day when you see an ad like this, you think well, is that freedom of religion? that's not religious freedom. that's attacking one religion over another. >> but in fact, i mean it was "the new york times" rationale back then for running it says we agree with freedom of speech. if you're going to pay for an ad, even though it's
7:38 am
anti-catholic, we're going to run it. they changed their rationale recently where the same ad using the same words that pamela geller wanted to run the anti-islam ad mimicked the anti-catholic ad and said that would be too inflammatory. >> you see, i think that's a contradiction because you're, again, picking one religion over another. and they decided to attack the catholic church rather than the islam. at the they will if we go to islam the repercussions and the troops in afghanistan would be huge. you have to respect people's views. it doesn't give you the privilege then to attack a church who has done so much for the world. >> and you know what? ronan, right now, it appears to many that the administration is attacking the catholic church because they're demanding that you mentioned the charities and the universities and the hospitals. they're demanding that they provide birth control which is -- the catholic church is totally against and the
7:39 am
administration yesterday said no, we're done compromising. that's the law of the land. >> i mean, here's my view on that. i think first of all, there should have been some dialogue and go to the leaders. i mean, one of the finest -- >> the cardinal dolan went there. and he thought he had one deal and he came back and was totally feels as though he was double crossed by the president. >> but you see, again, and i can understand the cardinal's viewpoint totally because i mean, again, it goes back to the first amendment. you're -- you're affecting, basically the religious freedom of this country. >> right. >> and you're saying, right, well we're going to dictate the mandate to you and you have to put up with it. i don't think that's a fair deal for anybody and most of all for the church because it's not giving the church the possibility to -- to put this argument on the table. try and meet it as best bay we can. there's no dialogue.
7:40 am
naturally enough, the church is going to say, hold on, we don't accept that. because it's an intrusion into our beliefs. >> very good. ronan, in addition to knowing all about the news. >> you're coming back at 8:00. >> that's true. >> and you're going to sing. >> i am. i am. we'll get into a lighter frame because basically look at it, it's st. patrick's day. do you know the irish own march? not the italians, the irish. >> i know. >> thought i'd say that! >> you got it. >> may have something to say about that. if you like the way he speaks, you'll love the way he sings. let's get to your headlines right now and tell you what else is happening. former democratic presidential candidate john edwards shaking up his legal team. a judge is allowing edwards to hire his ex-mistress' lawyers. they're the ones who got their sex tape destroyed. he goes on trial next month accused of issuing a million dollars in campaign funds to cover up his affair with rielle hunter. >> are you happy? >> thanks, guys. >> no comment? >> no comment. >> when hunter takes the stand at edwards' trial she'll have to
7:41 am
be questioned by other members of his legal team and getting immunity from any criminal charges stemming from this case. >> new reports this morning, the american soldier accused of killing 16 african villagers could be identified and moved to a prison in the u.s. the suspect's lawyer speaking out for the first time saying he says that his client may have been suffering from ptsd after seeing another soldier get hurt. listen. >> we have been informed that at this small base that he was at, somebody was gravely injured the day before the alleged incident. crazy injured. which affected all of the soldiers. >> he has represented high profile clients like ted bundy and the barefoot bandit. he said the soldier was reluctant to go to afghanistan after being injured twice in iraq. >> a prisoner bolts out of his court hearing and runs through a security checkpoint and out of the courthouse with taser prongs and wires hanging from his body.
7:42 am
>> oh! >> police later caught him after he jumped into a woman's car and told her to step on it while her 22-year-old son was in the back. he's getting hit with additional charges this morning. >> i would think so. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, take a look at this video, extreme weather. a monster tornado. see it in the distance there closing in on the town of temperance, michigan. a total of six twisters spotted in that area, dozens of houses and businesses absolutely levelled. right now, thankfully there are no reports of any injuries but police and firefighters are going door to door checking on people as the sun comes up this morning, they'll continue that, the slow moving storm also packed golf ball sized hail and triggering some flash flooding along low lying areas. >> rough night in michigan. >> all right. >> 18 minutes now before the top of the hour. >> here's a question -- should police be allowed to collect your d.n.a. for any old crime? how about parking tickets? >> right. >> or sneaking on to the subway? >> take some blood.
7:43 am
>> have they been watching me? one state moving in that direction. the legal debate coming up. >> democrats cooked the books to help pass their health care law. new cost estimates are in and they're twice as much as they promised. >> it happens! [ female announcer ] women move the world. and caltrate moves us. helping strengthen our bones. caltrate delivers 1200 milligrams of calcium and 800 iu of vitamin d plus minerals. women need caltrate. caltrate helps women keep moving because women move the world.
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7:46 am
>> welcome back. one happy price tag, a new report from the congressional budget office, the cbo, estimating that president obama's health care law will cost about twice as much as he originally promised. but that it will actually now reduce the nation's overall deficit over time, they say. here's one caveat, though, the
7:47 am
cbo says three to five million americans could lose coverage from their employers. wasn't that the whole point of the bill to insure more people? joining us with the prescription for truth is peter johnson jr. >> hi, steve, how are you? >> this is shocking. it's going to cost double and a bunch of people aren't going to get it. >> it's shocking on one level but i never believe the numbers to begin with. now, what the congressional budget office is saying is it's going to now cost $1.76 trillion. >> uh-huh. >> what the president was talking about and we heard it time and time again, press conference, speech, $900 billion. so in a couple of years now, it's skyrocketed with new estimates out to 2022 to almost $1.8 trillion. now, we also hear that a few million more people are going to be giving up their private coverage. they're not going to have their private coverage because of obamacare and what happens to those people? they will go into medicaid and
7:48 am
who pays for medicaid? you pay for medicaid. i pay for medicaid, the entire country pays for medicaid. when you're talking about between 5 and 7 million people that are going to be looking to alternate health insurance, that wasn't built into what we're talking about here. so we're talking about covering fewer people and paying more. now, it doesn't include implementation costs across the country. >> that's right. >> and the program is not really begun in full and in earnest. and so the numbers i expect they're going to quadruple. look at what happened to medicare and the predictions about medicare, that's going to happen to this program. so in 20 years from now, we're either going to have universal health care coverage or going to be talking about how to close the obama care health deficit in this country. they say the one bright piece of news, is that the deficit is going to be reduced as a result of this by another $50 million.
7:49 am
>> ok. >> you know why? because of new taxes and new fines. depending upon the day, their fines or taxes, whatever it is, it's more money out of your pocket but the deficit will be reduced at your expense. >> this is such a big story as you look at the national debt and talking about the deficit being reduced. this is such a big story. this is going to wind up costing us double at least, you're saying quadruple the amount that we were promised and a lot of people won't be insured. mainstream media nary a word. >> i think they're holding their breath based on supreme court decision that's going to be coming down this year and the argument coming up soon and it's been clear that the president has made it clear that this is one of the hallmarks of his presidency. and a lot is at stake in terms of his presidency and i believe in terms of the future, the financial future of this country as well as the social and political future, the pervasive effect of obamacare, we heard you and ronan tynan and the group talking about it this
7:50 am
morning, how it's even invaded religion and people's ability to exercise their religions freely and impinge on the first amendment so it's going to affect every piece of our daily life here in america. and a lot of people are looking carefully at this decision. to see what the future really is. >> absolutely. peter johnson jr. >> great to see you. happy st. patrick's day to all. >> already got your necktie on. >> i do. proud. >> thank you, steve. >> bye. >> straight ahead, should police be allowed to collect your d.n.a. for any old crime like parking tickets or if you jump the turnstile of the subway? one state moving in that direction. the legal debate is coming up. but first on this date back in 1980 pink floyd number one song in the world. it involved a brick in a wall. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery? ♪
7:51 am
feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? [ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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7:53 am
7:54 am
>> new york state is relying on d.n.a. to help solve crimes. you have lawmakers proposing a deal that would expand the d.n.a.'s data bank. but does this violate anybody's rights? joining us right now with opposite points of view, i imagine, for this legal debate, former prosecutor, faith jenkins. there she is. hi, faith. and fox news contributor arthur adilo. we don't like him. >> correct. >> tell me about this d.n.a. is this a good thing? >> this is a great idea. d.n.a. is really the most important law enforcement tool we have today. it's not just about convicting the guilty. but 289 people have been exonerated using d.n.a. testing since they started including 17 people on death row. >> arthur, innocent people should want their d.n.a. taken to exonerate them from crimes they're accused of wrongly committing. >> in theory, it's a wonderful idea. who has access to it? does your insurance company have access to it eventually? you apply for insurance. that's the thing. you say no confidently and i know you believe that sincerely
7:55 am
but who gets access to it. who controls it? >> the law enforcement problem is not it, if i'm speeding, give me some d.n.a. >> that's crazy. think about it. when you come out of the birth canal, give up your d.n.a. >> i think we do, actually. >> the law doesn't require people who get parking tickets to give d.n.a. it's misdemeanor crimes except marijuana. fairness and justice, i think that's what d.n.a. testing -- >> fairness and justice. i have to give up basically if my d.n.a. is my essence, that's how you -- >> arthur, there are a lot of your former clients -- >> in theory it's a good idea. >> it's a great idea. it kept a lot of people -- >> i want to know who is in charge! brian, who is going to control the information? >> you have to have a little bit of trust in the system, don't you? >> no. you have to have a lot of trust. that's the issue, not a little bit and maybe because i'm involved in this system, i know it's great but it's far from perfect. >> what arthur doesn't realize, if we wanted to clone him, we
7:56 am
wanted to use his d.n.a. >> we don't want to go that far. we want to use it as a law enforcement tool. it's been very helpful. think about the hundreds of people -- >> if you got rid of search seizure rules, you could use that as a lawen forcement tool. what's the big deal? >> if you are a criminal you're giving up a degree of rights. >> what if you're not a criminal. a criminal brought you -- >> a lot of people are being convicted of crimes, ok, that's what you need to realize. >> ok. faith, i really like you. arthur, i don't like you. >> i know, brian. brian loves me with little off camera -- >> up top. very good. coming up straight ahead in the final hour of the week, we'll go live to a rainy new york city where i hear it's raining. where the doors are about to open on a brand new -- brand new ipad and then we just had newt gingrich on last hour. time for mitt romney to be going to the on-deck circle. he's coming up.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's friday, march 16. i'm alisyn camerota. we've fox news alert for you because another u.s. soldier has been killed by a rogue ally. a member of the afghan military and now president karzai says foreign soldiers need to get out. geraldo rivera is here live to discuss. >> steve: meanwhile, the president's new hollywood style campaign ad paints mitt romney as the enemy. >> unconventional wisdom wanted to do what mitt romney did. let it go. can't be saved. >> steve: really? thank you, remain. we have invited the governor here to respond. he is going to be with us in about ten minutes. >> brian: he returns to the couch for one reason. that man can sing. it's saint patty's day. a preview of saint patty's day eve. put something on because "fox & friends" starts again now.
8:01 am
>> steve: we started at 6:00 o'clock eastern time by repeating the fact that your daughter said that this is -- >> brian: st. patrick's day eve. i laid out my clothes the day before and she said dad, where is your green tie? and i said, number within, you get your allowance now and i said, go pick one out. people are commenting that it seems like it belongs. >> steve: tomorrow is st. patrick's day and we got an e-mail from robert matthews in midland, texas. he's got a good question. will the white house count everyone employed as of st. patrick's day as having a green job? >> brian: very important. >> steve: thank you, robert. funny e-mail on this saint patty's day eve. >> brian: as an irish person, you're qualified to talk all things patty. >> steve: i'm also half swedish. let's talk volvo. >> brian: i try to limit the
8:02 am
swedish talk. >> alisyn: there is a lot of punch lines here, but i'm avoiding them. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines. we want to start with a fox news alert. afghan president karzai now calling for the immediate withdrawal of all u.s. and nato troops from the country's rural areas. he's also demanding foreign troops leave the country all together by the year 2013. that is a whole year earlier than the deadline set by president obama. the taliban also refusing to participate in peace talks. these developments coming days after a u.s. soldier allegedly killed villagers in afghanistan. karzai claims the u.s. has not been cooperate not guilty that investigation. they're digging through the rubble today in michigan after devastating twisters tore through the area. hundreds of homes and businesses have been leveled. take a look at this funnel cloud ripping through the area. terrifying ordeal for many who said all they could do was wait for it to pass and hope for the best. >> shut the door and prayed and
8:03 am
held hands and stuff. we kept calling our husbands and telling them not to come home. >> i looked out of my patio door and saw my swing set go by. we took the kids and ran into the storage room. >> alisyn: thousands of people remain without power this morning. luckily so far no injuries have been reported. brand-new video into the fox news room, this is the couple who spent that night stuck on a mountain side. >> brian: they're out! >> alisyn: they're safe and sound. you see them walk to go their car. the couple reportedly taking a late night stroll in arizona when they deviated from the trail. the good news, it was warm out and no one was hurt. take a live look now at the apple store in new york city where the doors have just opened ipad 3 is officially on sale. people lining up for hours in the rain, even overnight waitind for this moment. let's see if we can spot claytoz morris. there are reports that one woman sold her spot on-line for
8:04 am
$1,000. >> steve: you're kidding me. >> brian: tell geraldo rivera 'cause he has to get here in a hurry. welcome back to the couch. >> nice to be here. >> brian: do you even have an ipad? >> no. actually erica just got me one, so she has to give me lessons. i fear i'll need remediation. >> steve: all you have to do is touch it. >> i know. i need buttons. >> brian: it will bring you closer, that's impossible. >> it is impossible. >> steve: speaking of reporter, the news this morning, apparently a seventh member of the u.s. military killed by an afghan soldier in response to all that stuff that's going on over there. >> these are the worst of times in afghanistan. it is really horrible what's happening there. beginning with the koran burning which really turned the populous very hostile, created a huge
8:05 am
tension on the streets with american reporters even and the relationship between the g.i.s and the afghan allies could not be worse. then the massacre of the 16 afghan civilians, the soldier turns out was stressed and on his fourth deployment and had problems at home and drinking and went out there and did the murders allegedly of the three women and nine children and 16 in total. then came back to the base and surrendered and said he wanted his lawyer. then you had secretary panetta landing at kabul airport in some nut job drives a pick up truck, lights himself on fire. >> brian: it's unrelated. >> be that as it may, added to a feeling of tension and then you had the secretary addressing at camp leatherneck where i've been several times, 200 marines and the commander of the marines saying, wait a second, in this tense climate, leave your weapons outside. >> alisyn: what of that? what do you make of that?
8:06 am
were -- they said they were trying to level the playing field 'cause the afghan soldiers didn't have weapons. what really was behind that? >> even as you say that, i'm sure you don't believe it. it's not true. you have to remember, flashback to vietnam at the worst in vietnam after the deescalation had really gotten going, nobody wants to be the last guy killed. there is bitterness and disillusionment, there is what the hell is happening? what about our sacrifice? everything else. in vietnam, at least 230 officers were killed by their own men in vietnam and there are 1,000 other officer deaths unexplained. what they don't want -- they call it fraging, one rolled a fragmentation on his men from kuwait. so these are dangerous times. it was in excess of caution. it doesn't mean to disparage the honor of the marines.
8:07 am
>> brian: let's talk about reality. karzai says i want the u.s. soldiers to stay on their bases. i don't want them in rural bases and i want them out of there in 2013. in reality, we're paying the bill for the entire security force of the afghans. we're training them and if we leave, he gets hung from the nearest lamp post. >> i agree. i don't know what his game is other than to scramble now and make his own deal. but let them do it, brian. i said we've done what we went there to do. we have killed bin laden. we have decimated al-qaeda. we have accomplished our mission. let's declare victory, wring these people home. you're going to be shot in the back by your own allyies. >> brian: they started pulling troops out way too quick -- >> for what end? what are we going to do? are we going to create out of afghanistan california? what are we going to do there? these are people who rioted after the korans were burned. they didn't riot after the massacre. these are people for whom the
8:08 am
holy book is their whole lives and the deaths of the children almost -- >> brian: is farcecal. but having said that, there was a plan in place -- >> i'm not sure why you're angry there. >> brian: i'm not angry. i'm telling you the people that designed the plan should be allowed to fulfill the battle plan. >> do you want your son or daughter killed in this phase where this bum wants us out -- >> brian: how you leave is important -- >> you want us to get murdered now by some afghan soldier they're training, get shot in the back -- >> brian: i don't want them killed by the taliban in 2001. i don't want them killed -- >> we have done what we went to do! they attacked us. we got the people who attacked us. now let afghanistan have afghanistan. they will never evolve. >> brian: when al-qaeda comes back and in five years capable of attacking us again, they'll say, why did you pull out so
8:09 am
quick? >> we have spent a billion dollars there. it has devastated our economy. we can not finish the job in our lifetime. do you want 100 year commitment in afghanistan? >> brian: no, 2014. >> it will make no difference. it will make no difference. >> brian: tell that to general petraeus. >> we win every battle. you have to understand, we win every time we're engaged in combat with the taliban, we win. >> brian: everyone understands that. >> then there is more taliban that kill and more taliban that kill. >> brian: say this is your plan, these are the soldiers we need. they say fine. then when we get them, they pull them out early. everybody is worried about an election. >> this is not about election, brian. this is about what the mission is. >> brian: it's not about elections to you. >> there is a difference between 2013 and 2014 is insignificant. we have accomplished our mission. let them hunker down on the base -- give karzai what he wants the withdrawal to the bases where our troops would be a lot safer than in the field. they won't be stepping on
8:10 am
i.e.d.s or going into booby trapped houses. let karzai has what he wants. >> alisyn: brian, i think you have a great segment here for radio. invite geraldo on 'cause obviously you guys have a lot to say. >> steve: they always start out as friends. but ten minutes later -- >> brian: there you go. >> steve: thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> alisyn: great to talk to you. >> steve: it's ten minutes after the top of the hour. after this week's state dinner, the white house tried to keep its wine list under wraps, but we've got it. coming up, we'll pop the cork on their big expensive secret. what were these guys drinking? >> alisyn: campaign ad paints mitt romney as the enemy for saying that detroit should fail. the governor is here to respond. did he really say that? next.
8:11 am
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,. >> alisyn: new mexico divorce attorney decided to take the law into his own hands to get his client's stuff back. he was caught on hidden surveillance camera. >> steve: the attorney? >> alisyn: yeah. he's full service, kicking the front door, then kicking down the back door. that's when the homeowner got involved. >> by the way, you're trespassing. >> really? >> yeah, really. >> wow. you should call 911 right now. >> oh, i did. by the way, you just destroyed private property. those papers were in my window. >> destroyed private property. >> yep. >> ooo. we should just wait 'til the police arrive. >> yes, you should. >> brian: they did. the lawyer and his client did not stay until police came, though. they left the house soon after. now a court has ruled that he is to pay $5,000 in damages and spend 30 days in jail. is the lawyer just helping his client or did he go too far?
8:15 am
>> steve: let's talk to the host of "justice" with judge jeanine pirro. >> brian: this is a tough one. >> steve: all you got to do in court is play the tape. >> that's when they did. the audio, the video, he's convicted. they end up taking pleas to misdemeanors, damaging property. but it's really not that simple. this guy did the wrong thing. he should know better. he's a lawyer! he's a lawyer who handles marriage cases. >> brian: and sarcastic. >> but what he did here was he decided not to go to court. he said he didn't have time to get a court order. then you read the court papers. he's wrong. everybody agrees he's wrong. the woman had a three week old baby. she had been trying to get the bass net, the baby's clothes and a little chair for the baby out of the house. he apparently wouldn't let her in. the lawyer gets all fired up, brings this posse, his staff, pulls up, kicks in the door after the husband wouldn't answer the door. by the way, just to make you angry, the husband leaves with
8:16 am
his girlfriend. his wife had a baby three weeks ago. he won't let her in. i am getting angry! >> brian: who is making out right there? >> that's the lawyer and his client. but they were hugging. >> alisyn: wow. that's quite a hug. >> but i almost wish he were in love with her 'cause that would explain the lunacy. >> steve: the baby who he needed the crib for and stuff like that, that's what the attorney went for, is that the guy's baby? >> yes! the husband wouldn't let her in and said they broke into my -- by the way, all he had to too was open the door. that's all today do was open the door and say, we have a temporary decree. come and get your stuff. this happens every day in america. >> alisyn: there is the point. obviously the lawyer overreached and crossed the boundaries. however, as you know, divorce cases can get so acountry moanious. if the wife had gone there without the lawyer?
8:17 am
>> she had. >> alisyn: is that a crime? >> she should have taken a police officer with her. she had gone, she tried to get the stuff. you know what it's like three weeks after you had a baby. you're a little tired, you're nuts. then you want the bassinet. the guy is inside with his girlfriend and won't let you in to get the property. by the way, she took the cat and other things. >> brian: there are other things. how prepared were they for this? >> that's what i'm tell ming you. but the lawyer is convicted and the wife, the mother is convicted! >> brian: you know what i get from this? don't get married. >> alisyn: don't get divorced. >> or get a camera as soon as you can. >> steve: we'll be watching this weekend, judge. >> thank you. >> alisyn: the time is ticking for john edwards and he is desperate to stay out of jail. is he desperate enough o ask one of his worst enemies for help? we'll explain. >> brian: closer look at the president's hollywood style campaign ad painting mitt romney as an enemy to the auto industry. the governor here to respond live.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
>> brian: new hollywood style campaign film just rolled out by president obama's reelection campaign. the goal? highlight president obama's accomplishments. >> alisyn: it doesn't stop there. the film goes after republican candidates, including mitt romney, for his stance on the auto bailout. he's here to respond, mitt romney. good morning, governor. >> good morning, alisyn. >> alisyn: so in that ad, and i don't know if we have a clip to play for you. you may be familiar with it. but ram emmanuel in that campaign film said you were willing to let the detroit auto companies go bankrupt. is that accurate? >> well, as a matter of fact the detroit auto companies did go
8:22 am
bankrupt. that's the reason they're back on their feet today. i said from the very beginning they needed to go through a managed bankruptcy process to get rid of their excess cost, their retirement costs and bring down their costs to be competitive with other nations. they finally have done that. that's why they're back on their feet today. rahm needs to brush up on the facts. >> brian: your emphasis was on not turning the auto companies to the unions and that's what you wrote about in that editorial. correct? >> yeah. my view was don't send them big checks for tens of millions or billions of dollars in this case. instead, let them go through a managed bankruptcy process. if they need help getting out of that bankruptcy, that's fine. but don't write big checks and give them to the unions and ultimately down the road, of course, they did give the lion's share of the ownership to the uaw. that was the wrong way to go, in my view. let the bankruptcy court follow the normal process. >> steve: all right. let's talk a little bit about the price of gas because that's one thing everybody coast to coast, governor, is talking about because it costs more every day. obviously the president's
8:23 am
feeling some of the heat because yesterday he referred to some members of the republican party who are not pro-green energy as founding members of the flat earth society and at the same time, he said, you know, don't believe the people who say we're not drilling anywhere. we're drilling everywhere. how do you respond to the president? >> well, first of all, the places that we're drilling are places that were approved on private lands and places approved by the prior president. this president has cut in half the number of leases on federal lands, cut in two-thirds the number of permits being provided for drillers on government lands, of course, we all know he turned down the keystone pipeline from canada. he shot off the drilling in the gulf. he's done everything in his power to make it harder for us to get oil and natural gas in this country, driving up the price of those commodities and in the case of gasoline, and he's trying to find someone to blame. he keeps on talking about alternative energy. the real thing we need is an
8:24 am
alternative president. >> brian: you're saying with alternative -- [ applause ] >> brian: governor, i think -- are you anti-green energy? what would you do with that part of the economy? >> look, of course we're all in favor of green energy and renewable energy and solar and wind. but they represent, what, 1, 2% of the energy that the nation uses. we have to have carbon-based fuels as well. we're not going to drive cars with wind mills on them. we have to have coal and oil and gas. we have it here in plentiful supply. this president has tried to hold off the development of those resources, so it raises the price of gasoline and make us have to use solar and wind. it's not working. look, you've got soccer moms that can't fill up their tank of gas and get their kids around to their assignments. there are people who have jobs that don't know whether it's
8:25 am
worth going to work because of the cost of gasoline going to and from work. people in this country are hurting and all this president can do is talk about a flat earth? look, it's time have a president who has an energy policy who will take advantage of america's energy, create the energy we need, get the prices down so people can afford to live in this country. this is a president that's full of rhetoric, but his results are being shown right now and they're pretty bad. >> steve: governor, let me ask you about this, newt gingrich said if he's elected president of the united states, he could get gas down to 2.50 a gallon or maybe 2 bucks. how would you lower the price of gas? >> well, the best thing we can do to get the price of gas to be more moderate and not have to be dependent upon the cartel is drill in the gulf, drill in the outer continent shelf, drill in anwar, drill in north dakota, south dakota, drill in oklahoma, and texas. develop our own resources here. that also puts billions of dollars back into the economy of the united states, money today
8:26 am
which is going in some cases to people who don't like us very much. this is not real hard to do. what we're seeing today is the result of a president who doesn't understand how the economy works. look, he's an economic lightweight. we've seen that by virtue of now 3 1/2 years in, we have 24 million people underemployed or unemployed in this country. it was not necessary for this to go on like that. just like it was not necessary for gasoline prices to hit the kind of spike you're seeing today. >> alisyn: governor, after what happened last week in alabama and mississippi, some have called for newt gingrich to get out of the race. i know you have said you're not in the business for calling anybody to get out of the race. here is what newt gingrich said earlier about his plans when he joined us on "fox & friends." >> everywhere we went in illinois, people said you have to stay in the race. you have to talk about big solutions like 2.50 gasoline. i think people who are
8:27 am
supporting me want to have sort of a reagan had like visionary, big ideas candidate. >> alisyn: governor, is it helping or hurting the party for him to stay in the race? >> well, i don't know, but he certainly has every right to carry his campaign as long as he feels it has a meaningful opportunity for him to become the nominee and he cares very deeply about the country as i do and i wish him well. i think in the final analysis, we're going to narrow it down to one candidate well before the convention and that will give us the best chance to organize, raise the money and focus our campaign on the president. he's the guy we got to get out of office. >> brian: i know you desperately want to do well in illinois and i don't know -- i believe the audience agrees with you behind you. i know you want illinois because you got a lot of delegates there. what do you say to people who say, you're winning the race because your campaign, combined with the super pac raised $57 million so far as opposed to maybe a third of that from santorum or less than newt
8:28 am
gingrich. are you running because you raised more money? >> i've had a lot of opponents, as you probably know. whether we started off with battling with herman cain and then rick perry, then newt gingrich, now rick santorum. so i've had a lot of people that i've had to go up against and even here in illinois i've got two or three candidates whose super pacs are going after me. so i'm battling more than one person. i've got a lot of people to go up against and i'm very pleased for the fact that i've got great support across this country and i've got a million more votes than anyone else in this race and the reason is very simple. i understand how the economy works. this election is going to come down to having a nominee who can beat president obama on the issue people care about most. and that is their pocketbook. the ability to have rising incomes, more jobs, reasonably priced energy in this country. that is what i understand. i understand the economy because i've lived in the economy. these other guys talk about the economy just like they talked about it in the subcommittees in
8:29 am
congress. they don't understand what makes america work. i do. and to beat barak obama, we're gog have to someone who is an economic heavyweight, if you will, for whom the economy is in their wheel house and that's why i've done so well in this election so far and why i think i'll become the nominee and beat barak obama. he needs to be beaten. [ applause ] >> brian: the crowd goes wild there. >> steve: are you going to be buying them breakfast, governor? >> actually before you came on, i asked who was buying breakfast and they said obama, he gives everything for free. [ laughter ] >> steve: mitt romney joining us today from rosemont, illinois. thank you very much. >> alisyn: thanks, governor. >> thanks, steve, brian, alisyn. good to be with you. >> alisyn: remember this week's white house state dinner? they wanted to keep the wine list under wraps. we got it and we're about to pop the cork on a big expensive secret. >> steve: you're going to start whining, aren't you? >> alisyn: i wish.
8:30 am
>> brian: i get it. >> steve: not even on officer's taser could stop this hardened criminal. wait until you see his dramatic escape from the courtroom. don't tase him. >> brian: they couldn't take one tase.
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> brian: shot of the morning. >> steve: we are uncorking the secret wine list from the state dinner. >> brian: whisper it. >> steve: honoring british prime minister david cameron. the white house stopped releasing its wine lists last year after getting criticized for serving $400 per bottle of wine at the dinner for china's president. what did the president's celebrity friends and big money donors drink this time around? >> alisyn: the wine logger who was there reports guests were served loenetti from washington state and peter michael chardonnay from california. the average price for each? ninety-seven dollars a pop. i don't know if i'm outraged or envious right now. i can't tell. >> brian: let's go to a guy now who is no strange tore $100 wine. bret baier. if you ever had a moment off, you might even explore the opportunity to have a $100 wine.
8:35 am
>> good morning. >> brian: good morning to you. you're filling in for chris wallace and i think you have much more to talk about this week because president obama and the vice president officially out on the campaign trail. >> it is a complete launch. they're going full court, brian, as you know. vice president biden really stepping up the rhetoric yesterday on the stump. we have governor romney on fox news sunday exclusively and i know you just had governor romney on your show. hopefully you saved questions for me. i haven't talked o him in a while one on one and we will have him on the show. >> brian: it will be a nice reunion between you two. the last one was so smooth. >> yes, yes. >> steve: what did you think of the -- i know we're going to talk a little bit about george clooney in a moment. have you watched the new pro-barak obama hollywood produced, you got to reelect this guy movie? >> i've seen some of it. not all 17 minutes. >> steve: i would imagine it makes the case that he should get four more years, right? >> it does indeed.
8:36 am
it says many times that he made tough decisions. there is a lot of focus on the auto bailout. clearly that's going to be a talking point for the president, the vice president, the administration out on the stump, especially if mitt romney does become the nominee and there is a large section in this documentary, so-called, that deals with that and the decision he made about bailing out the auto industry. >> steve: it seems like mitt romney had a good argument when he wrote the op ed. he said they need a managed bailout -- rather a managed bankruptcy. ultimately, at the end of the day, that's what they wound up with. >> right. and governor romney explains that in detail, as you know, on the stump and when he talked about it a lot during his time campaigning michigan. it is -- to be fair, it's not an easy thing for everyone to understand. it doesn't fit on a bumper sticker, and this documentary attempts to tap into some of
8:37 am
that, making it simple. >> alisyn: let's talk about george clooney, shall we? he has been lobbying president obama about one of his favorite causes about what's going on in the sudan with poverty and violence. obviously a very important cause, but does he get the president's ear just because he's a celebrity? >> in part. i'm sure. he's been planning that cause for a long time. i agreed to sit in for chris this weekend and they said george clooney is going to be on the show. and i went wow, that's fantastic. of course, chris managed to do the interview before he left for vacation. >> steve: you're not going to be able to use those hard hitting questions about "oceans 11"? >> no, i don't think so. i was ready. >> alisyn: that will be great. it will be a great fox news sunday. george clooney speaks articulately about sudan. but that will be a great segment, as all of your live segments. >> steve: by the way, may i
8:38 am
point out, we've had a number of people with green ties on today, but you are the first, including brian, you're the first person with the green pocket square. >> i stepped it up. st. patrick's day. >> steve: all right. bret baier joining us from the bureau where they'll be drinking the green beer this weekend. >> thank you. >> brian: he does the election coverage and now he's got to do sunday. time and a half. >> steve: remember, though, when he was just a regular beat correspondent and he'd be down covering the hurricanes from sun up, sundown, the next day. >> brian: they used to throw him out of the truck and say, we know it's a hurricane. get out there. afghan president karzai lashing out at u.s. officials moments ago, saying they're not being as cooperative when it comes to investigating the massacre that left 16 afghan civilians dead. karzai also saying he's not convinced only one u.s. soldier was to blame for the shooting spree. of course, u.s. officials claim
8:39 am
otherwise and now a lawyer for the sole suspect is speak out, saying ptsd may have played a role. >> we have been informed at this small base that he was asked somebody was greatly injured the day before the alleged incident incident -- >> brian: the suspect is expected to be identified in a move to a military prison in kansas as early as today. i'm sure we'll get his name today. >> steve: meanwhile, extreme weather alert. you are looking live at pictures right now. some of the devastation in dexter, michigan, where tornadoes touched down last night. can't quite figure out where the damage is. >> alisyn: i think it's all around the big house. another house looks like it was leveled. >> steve: it does. many people waking up to houses that are just piles of rubble. at least 100 homes were damaged and thousands of people without electricity. so far there are no reported injuries, but crews are going
8:40 am
home to check on the people out in michigan. >> alisyn: former democratic presidential candidate john edwards shaking up his legal team. a judge is allowing him to hire his ex-mistress' lawyers, the ones who got their sex tape destroyed. >> steve: good job. >> alisyn: he goes on trial next month, accused of using a million dollars in campaign funds to counsel of his affair with rielle hunter. >> are you happy? >> thanks, guys. >> no comment? >> no comment. >> alisyn: when hunter takes the stand, she'll have to be questioned by other members of his legal team. she's also getting immunity from any criminal charges stemming from the case. >> brian: disorder in the court. a suspect bolts out of a sentencing hearing, not stopping even after he gets tased by bailiffs. he runs through a security checkpoint and out of the courthouse with taser prongs and wires hanging from his body. police later caught him after he jumpd into a woman's car and told her to step on it. if things weren't bad enough, she had a two-year-old son in the back seat!
8:41 am
it turns out, according to alisyn's investigation, additional charges will be filed. >> alisyn: yes. and being tased hurts. >> steve: he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. meanwhile, straight ahead, steve forbes says rick santorum and newt gingrich are actually helping mitt romney win right now. they just don't know it. he, steve forbes, is here next to explain. >> alisyn: acclaimed irish tenor ronan tynan returns to the curvy couch. this time he's singing. don't miss his saint patty's daly preview examine dave briggs is here for what's coming up this weekend. >> coming up this weekend, shocking confession from one of the country's top heart doctors. he says we have it all wrong, from the causes and treatments of heart conditions. he'll be here to explain why. plus, is being a mama's boy a myth? we'll hear from an author who says keeping close to your mother actually teaches you to man up. that's good news for this mama's boy. and our irish eyes are smiling.
8:42 am
we'll be cooking up a big saint patty's day feast. that's all coming up this weekend starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll see you then, guys. ♪ i'm a marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ]
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when i'm on my feet for hours. when it's game time. when the day's only half over but my energy is all gone. when i need the energy to start exercising. every day. every day. every day is a 5-hour energy day. 5-hour energy. every day. >> brian: the concordia's bell has been stole finance souvenir hunters. it was hanging under water with heavy bolts, but taken. so much for reuse and recycle. today's young americans are far less concerned about the environment. the young people -- this despite the recent green trend pushing for environmental conservation. steve? >> steve: thank you very much, brian. after mitt romney failed to land a knockout punch in this past week's primaries, many critics said the real winner is the democratic party.
8:46 am
fox news poll, 56% feel this drawn out primary season has, quote, divided and weakened the republicans and their candidates. but could it end up working in mr. romney's favor? joining us now to explain is the chairman and ceo of forbes, inc., steve forks. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. how can this help him? >> because it's forcing him to do things he didn't want to do and that is be specific particularly on the tax issue. he resisted it. he came out a year ago with a 59 point plan for everything. people pointed out god only had ten. but this campaign forced him to put a proposal, in this case, 20% across the board income tax rate cut. and it's making him a stronger candidate. i hope the same thing happens on health care. he's got to get that issue behind him. >> steve: what do you want him to say? >> i want him to say in effect, repudiate the individual mandate, but more importantly, come out with a pro-patient nationwide health care proposal. i.e, nationwide shopping for health insurance, real tort
8:47 am
reform, equalized tax reform, a lot of positive things that can be done. he does that, then he's on offense on health care, puts the issue behind him. >> steve: what about the pack that whenever he's been asked about it, he said look, i thought it was a great idea for massachusetts at the state level, making the state's rights argument rather than nationwide, bad idea? >> well, if it's good enough to do it state by state, what's wrong with it nationally? that's the kind of thing if you're a constitutional scholar, you get that. for most people, you're in mass marks you thought other states should do it, yet you don't think obama should do it. he's got to go in it with a pro-pray market way. >> steve: yesterday the obama campaign launched this 17-minute ad produced by the same guy who did the inconvenient truth and waiting for superman, david guggenheim. according to bret baier, who watched a big chunk of it, it does focus a lot on the auto bailout. it sounds like they're imagining it's probably going to be romney, so we might as well go
8:48 am
after him 'cause he was against the auto bailout. >> well, you can bail out anything except the u.s. government for $80 billion. but when you tear up contracts and do things like that, even today, taxpayers are out tens of billions of dollars on that thing. they allowed it to go through the court system, yes, they could make a case in the fall of 2008 when the whole economy was falling apart to give it a bridge loan to get it by a few months, but after that, let it reorganize. every major airline in this country has been going through reorganizations. they don't stop flying. people don't stop flying them. and you reorganize and you come out and you try to be strong again. why not have done the same thing with gm and chrysler? >> steve: they were trying to save all those union jobs, steve. >> yes. and they shafted the creditors, shafted nonunion workers, shafted a lot of auto dealers. it was a political payoff. that's what they do in argentina. not in the united states of america. >> steve: i know a couple of months ago you threw your support behind rick perry e. folded his tent and went back to texas. when are you going to rally
8:49 am
behind a candidate? >> i'm still looking over the field and seeing if one of the candidates brings it all together in terms of reaganesque agenda. in the meantime, watching them run and glad i'm not running. >> steve: no kidding. all right. steve forbes, head guy over at forbes, inc., thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: have a great st. patrick's day. >> thank you. >> steve: we'll be right back with a very special st. patrick's day performance from acclaimed irish tenor, ronan tynan. but first, let's check in with not so acclaimed irish tenor, bill hemmer for a preview of what happens in ten minute. >> revere silver, two words for you, steve. >> steve: that's right! >> well done. give that to brian. breaking news on the weather front, folks. breaking news on the u.s. mission in afghanistan. senator john mccain on our american policy there and going forward. how ultimately we win. eric holder is taking texas to task for its voter i.d. law. governor perry will respond to that. new polling numbers from scott
8:50 am
rasmussen on the next battle ground for republicans. don't miss that. we'll see you on a friday edition of "america's newsroom" hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. you should know that just one dose of children's advil gives up to eight hours of fever relief. allowing your little one to get back to building a better afternoon. children's advil. relief you can trust. and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple to use websites, tools, and apps.
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♪ . >> alisyn: st. patrick's day is tomorrow. we thought we'd bring acclaimed irish tenor ronan tynan back to put us in the spirit with his irish music. off cd out. tell us about it. >> this time we've decided for march, we'll give two cds for the price of one if they go to there is a good sign steve might buy them. >> alisyn: arthur has just ordered it. what song are you going to sing? >> "ride on." written for a big bald man just
8:54 am
like me. >> alisyn: let's here it. ♪ will you ride the finest horse ♪ ♪ i've ever seen ♪ standing through the signs wind and green ♪ ♪ and you ride a force so well ♪ and right through the turns ♪ i could never go with you no matter how i wanted to ♪
8:55 am
♪ ride on ♪ i could never go with you no matter how i wanted to ♪ ♪ ride on ♪ see you ♪ i could never go with you no matter how i wanted to ♪ ♪ when you ride into the night ♪ and leave me behind ♪ when you run across
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